It can be frustrating to have to call in emergency garage door repair services. One moment, you’re about to start your day, and then the next thing you know, you’re garage door is malfunctioning, keeping you from being able to leave your home. While garage door emergency repair is necessary, you might be anxious and uncertain as to how much you’ll need to pay for this sudden service. Luckily, you can get an idea of how much you might need to set aside for the cost of emergency garage door repair in Houston by reading this blog. 

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Cost Of Emergency Garage Door Repair In Houston 

The cost of emergency garage door repair in Houston will ultimately depend on what kind of repair your garage door requires and whether or not an additional fee is included for a same-day repair. If a same-day repair fee is involved, it will usually be anywhere from $100-$300. Looking at the most common types of emergency garage door repairs, here are some of the costs you can anticipate: 

Emergency Garage Door Dent Repair

One of the most common emergency garage door repair services provided is dent repairs for panels. Panel dents are usually the result of a car accidentally hitting your garage door while backing up. Neglecting this problem can lead to other problems with your garage door’s functionality, so you want to get this in order as soon as possible. Sometimes, the cost of the dent repair will depend on the panel material, but usually, it costs roughly $100-$300. 

Opener And Remote Repair

A malfunctioning garage door opener can also be a reason to seek emergency garage door repair services. The cost of this emergency garage door repair in Houston can range from $75-$350 and typically average out to $150 with parts included. Replacing the opener can be more expensive, ranging from $300-$900, depending on the brand and model. If the problems lie solely with the remote, repairing or replacing it can cost as little as $35 or up to $350

Spring And Cable Replacement

Broken springs and cables are especially dangerous and require immediate attention. This urgency is necessary because attempting to handle these parts on your own is very risky without the proper tools and experience. The cost of emergency garage door repair in Houston, where springs are concerned, depends on the types of springs in question. 

Replacing extension springs costs $50-$95, while it costs $200-$290 to replace torsion springs. As a result, the overall average range of spring replacement can fall anywhere between $150-$350 with labor included. The cost of cable replacement has a wider range in terms of the average cost of $85-$400 with labor, depending on the time required to replace them. 

Roller And Track Replacement And/Or Realignment 

If something is amiss with the movement of your garage door, trust your instincts and call an emergency repair service. Allowing your garage door to remain misaligned can trigger additional issues down the line, such as rollers popping out or tracks getting bent. If your tracks simply need realignment, then the cost of emergency garage door repair in Houston will be $170-$290. A complete track replacement, on the other hand, will cost $125-$290. If the rollers need replacing, that service will cost as little as $90 or up to $230 with labor. 

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We hope you now have a better understanding of the cost of emergency garage door repair in Houston. While this guide is a good starting point, you should reach out to a garage door company to find out if fees are involved and to receive an estimate so you can be prepared. Luckily, there’s no better emergency garage door repair service than AAA Garage Door Repair, so contact us today.