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There are many types of garage doors to be found in residential homes. One of these is the roll up garage door. This garage door earns its name because of how it performs a rolling motion when opening and closing. Instead of going up into the ceiling like a traditional overhead garage door, it curls into a roll at the top whenever it’s opened and unrolls when being closed. Although different in how they move, roll up garage doors receive the same maintenance and repair services as any other garage door type.

Why Roll Up Garage Doors?

It would be easy to assume that roll up garage doors don’t have much to offer besides a different way in which they move. However, it’s because of how roll up garage doors move that they can bring many benefits to homeowners. Roll up garage doors can be insulated, reduce noise, and provide extra space. Roll up garage doors are compatible with insulation because the vast majority of them are made of steel, one of the most ideal materials for insulation as well as noise reduction. Because of how roll up garage doors move, there is more ceiling space for overhead storage in your garage.

How To Install A Roll Up Garage Door 

Installing a roll up garage door involves everything from obtaining measurements to testing out its ability to function properly. The first thing you really need to do is consider why you want a roll up garage door. Is your current garage door at the end of its life? Is your garage door broken beyond repair? Do the advantages of a roll up garage door better address your needs than your current garage door? Make sure that your reasons for installing a roll up garage door consider the practical side more than the aesthetics. 

Next, you’ll need to determine the appropriate measurements for your garage door by measuring the garage opening and interior. Without measurements, you could end up with a garage door that barely fits. Getting the right size garage door the first time around will save so much time and money. 

Once you know the measurements for your garage door, you can take some time to think about the aesthetic end of things. Consider what color you want for your doors as well as the specific carriage exterior style. As long as you pick a style and color that will complement your home and boost curb appeal, your roll up garage door will be in good shape. 

You will then need to go through the process of ordering the door and hiring a professional to install it. As trendy as DIY projects are, do not attempt installation if you do not have the experience or qualifications. Our technicians at AAA Garage Door Repair are beyond qualified to assist with your garage door installation. 


Before your technician arrives, make sure any vehicles are parked outside the garage so you can leave and return home as needed during the day. You should also try to keep your garage clear of as many items as possible so the garage door itself can be installed with little to no incident. The process itself should take no longer than a few hours. Afterward, you should have your new garage door working as expected. 

As long as you keep up with regular maintenance practices, such as cleaning and lubrication, you can avoid dealing with an excessive amount of potential issues. However, it’s always good to know who to call when you need that help with repairs for your garage door. If you find yourself facing any of those issues, contact us at AAA Garage Door Repair for excellent service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform some garage door maintenance myself?

You can do small things for your garage door to help keep it running right. Every few months, clean out the tracks and lubricate the rollers. Additionally, perform a visual and auditory inspection every once in a while. Keep an eye and an ear out for signs of wear and tear or damage. You can clean your garage door and weatherstripping as well. Everything else should be left to professionals.

Do you replace parts?

We do replace parts. Sometimes, repair isn’t feasible if parts of your garage door are damaged too much. In that case, we’ll replace them instead.

Which springs are better, torsion or extension springs?

Torsion springs are better. They cost more, but they are more durable and less likely to cause injury upon breaking. If you have the money to purchase torsion springs, they are always a better option.

Why is my garage door making so much noise?

Unusual noises during the opening and closing process are often a sign that something is wrong with your garage door. You should contact a professional if you notice any unpleasant noises emanating from your garage door. 

Are you fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we are. We are fully qualified to work on garage doors, and we are happy to provide proof upon request. 

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