Your garage door would quickly fall apart without proper maintenance. From the panels to the rollers, everything needs to be in good shape so your garage door can be operational. One of the most vital parts of your garage door is the springs. They are responsible for ensuring your garage door’s movement is smooth and even.

Springs are also available in torsion and extension varieties. However, even with this discretion between the types of garage door springs, the signs that you need Houston garage door spring repair services are applicable across the board. Explore the signs of a garage door spring in need of repairs in this blog.

Houston Garage Door Spring Repair: Signs You Need It

Houston garage door spring repair services should be sought as soon as you notice a problem with your garage door’s functionality. In fact, if your garage door is experiencing any of the following issues, you should immediately contact a garage door technician to take a closer look.

1. Garage Door Movement Issues

If you notice anything unusual about the movement of your garage door, it might be a sign that you need Houston garage door spring repair services. The first kind of unusual movement to look out for is a garage door that is closing too fast. This fast closing means that the springs are loose or broken. Additionally, a garage door that opens unevenly is indicative of an unbalanced door. The lack of balance in question is often due to an issue with the tracks or springs, so getting it checked out by a technician is prudent.

2. Unusual Noises

Another sign that you need to seek Houston garage door spring repair services is the production of strange noises whenever your garage door moves. The first sound you should listen for is a generally louder opening and closing. This sound usually means the torsion spring is about to snap or has already snapped. Another noise to be aware of is squeaking, which means that the springs either haven’t been sufficiently lubricated or something else is going wrong.

3. Visible Damage

Visible damage to your garage door springs can take many forms. For starters, there’s the classic wear and tear that results from a lack of lubrication or the general passage of time. There’s also the possibility of rust forming on the springs and other garage door parts due to lack of care. Even fraying springs should be replaced as soon as you spot them. That way, you can avoid the additional costs that come with the aftermath of a broken garage door spring.

4. Crooked Garage Door

While unbalanced garage doors can usually still move to some extent, crooked ones are often stuck in a specific position. In this case, your garage door appears lopsided in one direction or another. If you find your garage door in this position, one or both springs are likely already broken. You will need to call Houston garage door spring repair services right away to repair and/or replace the springs so your garage door can function properly and your curb appeal can return to normal.

Call AAA Garage Door Repair For The Best Spring Repair Services In Houston!

Thanks to this guide, you know when you should seek Houston garage door spring repair services. Movement issues, strange noises, obvious damage, and a crooked garage door are the four most common signs that your garage door springs are not in working order. As for which company can be trusted to repair them, the best one to contact in the Greater Houston area just so happens to be AAA Garage Door Repair. Reach out to us today for our excellent spring repair and replacement services.